Best in Massachusetts: Ahh Moments High Times #1 Edible

We are thrilled to share the news that our Summit Ascent chocolate bar has been crowned the High Times #1 Edible (non-gummie) in Massachusetts, taking home 1st Place in the prestigious High Times 2023 Cannabis Cup.

A Testament to Artisan Craftsmanship

This achievement, coming just one year after entering the market, is proof of our exemplary commitment to crafting full-spectrum, artisan cannabis chocolate. The honor bestowed by the High Times Cannabis Cup, a competition known for its rigorous standards and esteemed reputation, is more than just an award; it’s a recognition of our dedication to the art of crafting savory cannabis-infused chocolate.

Reviving the Lost Art of Cannabis Chocolates

A judge from the High Times Cannabis Cup praised the product, saying, “I feel like cannabis chocolates are a lost art, and these guys are bringing it back.” – Levi Miller, High Times Head of Quality Control, LA.  

A Personal Journey to the Summit

Andrew “Moon” Bain, our co-founder, shared his feelings on this rad achievement: “Feeling so grateful and humbled right now. We have been running up the mountain with our heads down, and to come up for air at the start of the year and receive this affirming award is truly a gift. Growing up reading High Times, we are very honored that the people of Massachusetts chose our local, organic, small-batch, and herbalist-inspired cannabis chocolates as High Times #1 Edible.”

The Summit Ascent Experience

Manufactured by the multi-award-winning Treeworks of Massachusetts, Summit Ascent is more than just a chocolate bar. It’s an experience. Infused with a proprietary RSO blend, which creates an authentic full-spectrum cannabis experience, Summit Ascent stands out with its organic and ethically sourced ingredients.  Featuring a 1:1 THC:CBG ratio, 38% cacao enriched with invigorating sour diesel cannabis-derived terpenes, ceremonial matcha, and a crispy, puffed quinoa crunch, every bite is an adventure – an invigorating, relaxing, and motivational journey.

Our Quartet of Experiential Offerings

In 2023, we introduced Massachusetts to a quartet of unique flavors: Summit Ascent, Serene Dreams, Atlantic Bliss, and Sky High Chai. Each offering is a reflection of our ethos – a harmonious blend of respect for plants, people, culture, and vitality, all while emphasizing wellness and ethical practices.

Join the Ahh Moments Family

It’s time to Realize Your Moment! We invite you to join us in this celebration and to experience the best cannabis chocolate edible in Massachusetts. To learn more about Ahh Moments and where you can find us, please visit Don’t forget to follow us on IG at @ahhmoments for the latest updates and insights into our world of artisan cannabis chocolates.

Ahh is a universal syllable for a moment of realization, relief, discovery, affirmation and pleasure. 

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