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“We take a lot of care with sourcing all of our ingredients—the cacao, but really all of the nutraceuticals,” Haley says. “Every element is thought out and cared for.” For each bar, they test the straight chocolate for flavor before adding the cannabis. Much of the R&D is devoted to finding the balance between cannabis and other flavors. “In each recipe we try to have something that will counterbalance the cannabis flavor,” Haley explains. For example, in the Atlantic Bliss bar, which contains Maldon sea salt and sea moss, the salt from those two ingredients tempers the cannabis.

Ahh launched in December 2022 with three bars—Serene Dreams, Summit Ascent and Atlantic Bliss—and is developing several more. Each selection has a different flavor profile, cacao and THC percentage, as well as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and other nutritional and health-related properties. The bars are produced in partnership with Treeworks, a cannabis products company in West Hatfield.

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